Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Training day 1

Yesterday I personal trained two girl who had come to me in wishes to be trained at the gym in attempts to "lose weight." I gave them a 50 min session which entailed 2 minutes of cardio and 30 min of strength training. Ihad them performing exercises targeting their chest and back. They wish to continue so i have planned out a weekly routine tat thy can abide by as well as recorded all their information pertaining to how much weight they used and what intensity they used on the cardio machines.

CLass 6

Today in cass we did more with jump ropes. My group as able to come up with a pretty awesome routine. I thugh it was good that we went over the lesson plans a little bit and how to state an objectiv. It will make it easer to complete one for friday. It might also help me whe I'm thinking about how tpresent the jump rope skill I a required to do next Wednesday.

Monday, January 30, 2012

class 5

Today in class we did a variety of jump rope activties. Starting from simply standing in one plce and then eventually moving around by ourselves and then with other people as well. I highly enjoyed making routines withthe jump ropes today, however, after watching the video of the girls jump roping for the Army basketball game, I feel a little less manly.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Friday we were able to teach again what we did on the first day. I found it was much easier to do so after I had thought about the elements that I would have to take into account when teaching in front of a class. However, there were certain things that I could have done better with. these things include being louder, not participating in the games or drills that I have the class doing so I can check on how they are prforming, and I could get everything ready by having all my equipment present instead of having the class have to go and get everything when the class time has started. This would save time so more things could be covered in class. If I improve upon these aspects of teaching, then I will be much moreeffecive of a teacher.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Class 4

Today in class we started out by getting into a circle while music was playing and one at a time we danced in the middle and everyone dide the same move as the person in the middle. After that we played a tag game, however, it was while walking instead of running. Though it was walking, then skipping and finally galloping, it still got my heart rate up and the sweat flowing. It also helped me remember my classmates names better. I struggled with the yoga today more than i have in the previous classes. It might have been because I didn't get mch sleep last night...perhaps. The main thing that helped me out this class was going over what we are going to say and how to introduce ourselves when we teach again on Friday. I got some ideas of what I want to do, so hopefullyall goes well.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Class 3

Today, in EDU 255, we played frisbee again, but with different variations than we have in the previous classes. Implementing the different variations of frisbee play really keeps things moving in class. It also keeps my attention and makes me sweat a WHOLE lot (especially since I am a try-hard). I also like the yoga that Mr. Yang has been doing in the last two classes as a cool down, even though it makes me sweat even more. However, when we made out way back to the classroom and spoke about the essential elements of instruction, everything you did in class made sense. Catching our attention with the Chinese New Year and the way it is said in Chinese kept things intesting. Signaling us over, using the Chinese New Year, explaining to us about the cones, and using the frisbee when explaining the activities were all ways that Mr. Yang used the essential elements of teaching. What I have to do is use these elements when I teach goalie drills on Friday.

Friday, January 20, 2012

2nd day of class

Today we played frisbee and did a little exercise through yoga. The frisbee games were very fun and Dr. Yang having us constantly changing the activities with frisbees reallt kept the class engaged. When I took PED 201 it was prevelent that in order to keep the kids attention, you have to keep them actively engaged by not having too much down time. The little concentration game that was added between frisbee and yoga was an awesome way to keep us engaged in a cognitive aspect while we needed to cath our breath. Yoga as an exercise is definately hard and even though it was only for short period of time, it had me sweating like crazy. I also thogh that the game Eric had us do at the end of class was very good because that was another great was to stay cognitively involved.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First day of class

Being able to teach in front of some of the class today was a good ice breaker as to what to expect from this course. Also, the feedback that we recieved from the student teachers was;very good and helpful input. I hope that throughout this semester more classes such as this occur; just to get more practice teaching in an organized and coherent;manner. I will put my best effort forth to learn as much as I can from this course and use the information;I gain from it in my future career. I do believe that using this information in the future is vital to being a good teacher because if it is not utalized then you are not;doing your best to become a worthy teacher.