Monday, January 23, 2012

Class 3

Today, in EDU 255, we played frisbee again, but with different variations than we have in the previous classes. Implementing the different variations of frisbee play really keeps things moving in class. It also keeps my attention and makes me sweat a WHOLE lot (especially since I am a try-hard). I also like the yoga that Mr. Yang has been doing in the last two classes as a cool down, even though it makes me sweat even more. However, when we made out way back to the classroom and spoke about the essential elements of instruction, everything you did in class made sense. Catching our attention with the Chinese New Year and the way it is said in Chinese kept things intesting. Signaling us over, using the Chinese New Year, explaining to us about the cones, and using the frisbee when explaining the activities were all ways that Mr. Yang used the essential elements of teaching. What I have to do is use these elements when I teach goalie drills on Friday.

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