Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Training day 1

Yesterday I personal trained two girl who had come to me in wishes to be trained at the gym in attempts to "lose weight." I gave them a 50 min session which entailed 2 minutes of cardio and 30 min of strength training. Ihad them performing exercises targeting their chest and back. They wish to continue so i have planned out a weekly routine tat thy can abide by as well as recorded all their information pertaining to how much weight they used and what intensity they used on the cardio machines.

CLass 6

Today in cass we did more with jump ropes. My group as able to come up with a pretty awesome routine. I thugh it was good that we went over the lesson plans a little bit and how to state an objectiv. It will make it easer to complete one for friday. It might also help me whe I'm thinking about how tpresent the jump rope skill I a required to do next Wednesday.